68′ Sirena


Norm 3

The Sirena 68 hull design aimed to offer efficiency at speeds ranging from long-range cruising to planing. A slippery hull with minimal appendage drag gave the range numbers we were looking for, while optional power choices increased the top end. The hull’s shape also creates interior volume that changes the onboard experience for the owners and their guests. Anyone who sets foot on this yacht will find space to allow gatherings of large groups together, as on the flying bridge, the aft deck area, the saloon, or even the foredeck, where the light and shadow, breezes and views combine to elevate the experience offers a fundamental change of perspective. Add to that a clean design for the accommodations, with the lines that do precisely what is necessary and provide a framework where owner and guests can create moments of living well. The design proves itself from every angle, inside and out.


  • Snorkel Gear
  • Water Mat
  • Floating Island