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Reel Deal Yachts has over 40 years experience in yacht brokerage. Our claim to fame has always been the ability to craft creative solutions for our customers. Whether you wish to list, trade, or simply sell your vessel outright for cash, our yacht broker services can help you! For maximum return, our team will promote your listing to our network of buyers on the open market. If you prefer an immediate solution, we can also offer you a wholesale cash purchase price on the spot, or take your vessel in trade towards one of greater value.

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Our team has grasped a clear understanding of how the market moves, and what our client’s needs are. We have the product knowledge to give you accurate valuations and possess a working relationship with a growing network of repeat customers that ensures your listing is put in front of the right prospects. Our boutique size also gives us the advantage of not only making decisions quickly but providing a familiar person to call, always ready on the ground.

What Seperates Us As A Yacht Broker?

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Your listing is only as good as a potential buyer’s first impression. We take every step to ensure your vessel’s advertised presentation sets us up for success. We understand that representing you is a shared business interest, and as such we ensure that we are marketing to the correct audience.

  • Over 40 years of brokerage experience
  • Ownership of multiple marinas in prime locations
  • Ability to take your vessel in trade, or purchase outright in cash
  • Database of over 20,000 customers and industry players
  • Cutting edge online marketing across all key platforms
  • Presentation: professional drone photography and 3D tours
  • Resourcefulness: assistance with all things yacht related
  • Personalized bi-lingual service
  • A team that is on location in South Florida

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